3 thoughts on “Fate of Independence

  1. Donna Walters says:

    Student debt is a cross generational issue. Not only is it paralyzing our young people, but their parents as well. Our society teaches us that life long learning is valued. Below is the value and associated debt for my life long learning:

    $1,500 1981 Cosmetology school & license
    $30,000 2002 BS Business Admin
    $40,000 2010 MS Leadership
    $71,500 Total personal educational loans
    $30,000 Plus, parent loans for children
    $101,500 Total educational loans

    Length of loan: 30 years (until I am 89 years old)

      • Donna Walters says:

        Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Barack Obama seem to get it. Free community college tuition for all would cut the cost of a four year degree in half. That’s a starter. Gee, the one percenters might have to kick in a few bucks to make this a reality. That’s what they do in all the other developed nations. I’d like to see a national budget developed on the basis that individuals get assessed a tax and also get to designate where they would like to spend their tax dollar. I wonder how many individual tax payers would plunk their hard earned cash in the war coffers?

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