Artwork featured in

Anti-Imperialist Poster Exhibition: Hybrid Wars International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle | 2020

Anti-Imperialist Poster Exhibition: Neoliberalism International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle | 2020

Call Your “Mutha'” A Deliberately Dirty-Minded Manifesto for the Earth Mother in the Anthropocene Jane Caputi | 2020

Milk with Dignity First Biennial Report 2018-2019 Migrant Justice | October 2020

Force of Nature zine REI CO-OP | May 2018

The Ladybroad Ledger Issues 1, 4 | Winter 2017

Art Against Global Apartheid Red Wedge Comix | Spring 2016


Accessibility and Disability Inclusion Update McMaster University Equity and Inclusion Office |2018-2019

Devil in the Details The White River Valley Herald | March 2017

STOP THE BURLINGTON MEGA-MALL Part 3 – Affordable Housing Coalition for a Livable City | November 2016

A 45-Foot ‘Street Comic’ Tells a Palestinian Story Seven Days | February 2016