How to Talk to Kids About Racism

These illustrations were produced in 2018 as part of a collaborative book project called “Power Means Who the Police Believe: Talking with Three Year Olds about Race and Racial Violence” written by Emma Redden. Along with six other artists, I helped to create infographics, character drawings, and scenery images that are scattered throughout this nearly 180 page book. The final project is still in development and evolving. This page is a documentation of my work on the project so far:

Watercolor illustration of a quote by Chenjerai Kumanyoka. Reads "For people who are about transformative change... We're trying to become something this country has never been." Behind his portrait, a black man breaks open the W in the text "We the People."
Illustration of a white woman climbing a ladder into the sky. She carries a backpack full of dollar bills, and wears a suit. She appears distressed. On the ground beneath are homes and a garden, with the words "beloved community" written in the dirt. She is surrounded by birds in the sky. They are labeled: "ostracism from others; isolation; loss of authentic sense of self; shame and guilt; distorted view of self; denial of emotion and empathy; spiritual emptiness and pain."