You can help #StopCopCity:

Quick recap: What is Cop City? If you haven’t heard the news about the fight over this 85+ acre urban police training facility in Atlanta, Georgia, let’s get you caught up.

In August 2021, Atlanta City Council voted to approve a proposed $90 million law enforcement training facility planned for the South River Forest (aka Weelaunee Forest) right next to the city. There is little public input on the project.

This development would be located next to a Hollywood film studio project which would impact an additional 40 acres of nearby forest. (Side note: Ryan Millsap, who was involved with this movie studio project, is also creating an action/war film production studio on 1,500 acres of land just 40 miles east of Atlanta: where they will fly “Blackhawk helicopters and drive Humvees at speed”.)

A movement to fight these projects has emerged through groups like Stop Cop City and Defend the Atlanta Forest. Community associations, racial justice groups, and environmental justice activists have formed a front of resistance, with activists occupying the forest to prevent construction over the last two years.

This winter, SWAT teams escalated their attempts to extract these forest defenders. In January, they swarmed the encampment, killing one forest defender, Tortuguita, in the operation. Over the course of two months, 19 others were slapped with felonies under a Domestic Terrorism Law.

In the wake of Tortuguita’s death, Atlanta’s community has put out a call for support, and offered many ways to take action. Stop Cop City Solidarity is a great starting point for learning how to pressure the network of investors and contractors behind Cop City.

Get mad. Make art:

AXA XL is the insurance provider behind Cop City and a primary target for solidarity actions in this campaign. They host an annual “AXA Art Prize” student art competition, with submissions due by March 2nd: https://www.axaartprize.com/.

Join me in submitting art (drawings, political cartoons, memes) to the AXA Art Prize to remind them of their environmental commitments to climate action, sustainability, and achieving net zero. And make sure you Tweet your submissions to #AXAArtPrize.

The Stop Cop City Solidarity Week of Action starts today (Feb 19-26), with another Mass Mobilization planned in Atlanta from March 4-11.

Find out how to get involved here.


Share this flyer to spread the word about the Art Call.

Download these graphics for use in your posters, graphics, or website:

Black and white drawing that shows a scene from the campaign to defend the Atlanta forest from Cop City. Reads "Dear AXA XL, Don't insure Cop City! xoxo The Ghost of your DEI and Sustainability Commitments". An owl flies overhead holding a banner that reads "RIP" with a turtle on it. Behind, forest defenders are shown in the trees by a banner that reads "No forest. No peace".

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